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Help with POV

I’m a beginner. I’ve signed up for a BBCCamp. I started the POVs. I SO need help. I’ve tried to follow Ben but I’m struggling with the Em chop. I did the lesson on G, C and D x/y positions and have it(albeit slow) and now I wonder where to go for knowledge in the Em position. I thought I had this stuff but when I tried the POV (banjo) my mind went :exploding_head:. Help

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Hi @Sissiebird Denise If you go to the banjo section and type Em you’ll find quite a few lessons on the topic. Some are in the Intermediate/ Advance sections but don’t let that deter you. The Em Chord if fairly simple it’s knowing where to find it on the neck. As for the chop that’s easy too, once you figure it out it becomes second nature.


Watch this video @Sissiebird


He’s down but not out! Good to see you posting again, Archie!


Good stuff Ben! I love that openback banjo!

Sorry it took me so long to give feed back. I thought I did. Oops!
Yes sir! That helped a bunch. Thanks!!