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Help finding lesson

totally new. Free member, so shouldn’t complain.
I don’t know how to find a specific lesson.
Wayfaring Stranger.
With Video/tab/mp3. Is that possible?


Welcome to Banjo Ben! You can unlock 3 free lessons in your first week, here is the mando lesson for Wayfaring Stranger, a really fun one that I am working on right now.


Hi Ross, Welcome to @BanjoBen 's Forum. I concur with Harrison. As a Free Silver Pick Membership you can unlock three free lessons of your choosing which are yours to access anytime provided you Login.

Almost all lessons come with TABs in PDF and TEF format, and Mp3 Files recorded at different speeds.

The Lessons are listed by instrument, Mandolin, Banjo, and Guitar and divided into Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced. There are browse and search functions too to help you navigate the site. You will also find this is a really friendly forum, with lots of members offering encouragement and advise.

Should you decide to become a Gold Pick Member, You will have FULL access to ALL the lessons, Unlike other sites where you are often restricted to one instrument per subscription fee or a few basic lessons for a FAT FEE. Here you have access to everything. i.e. Hundreds of high quality lessons with new ones being added every week that will take your from a newbie to an advanced player. The best bang for your bucks is a Life Membership. Happy Pickin



A fine explanation, my friend… but just a thought… Some people may not be so familiar with the TEF and what that can be used for… while the other file formats are much more common and well-known.

I’d elaborate but I rarely use the TEF so thought you may wish to expound on that…

@rosswriter, WELCOME and use up your lessons… but I really would encourage you to consider becoming a LIFER like me.

If you consider the costs of personal instruction… Private Lessons… The payback period would only be a few months (I suspended private lessons on this premise also - but never felt compelled to return).

Then, as a LIFER, recall you will have access to all the lessons on Mandolin (a deal) AND all Banjo / Guitar lesson tracks too… for that same price.

I started in Banjo and then received a Mandolin. To take advantage of all those lessons too. :wink:

We hope you like this journey with us and come back to let us know what you think.

Now put up your feet, grab your Mando and stay awhile.

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I am fairly sure that most folks would ask if they don’t know what a TEF File is @WillCoop some time ago I created this thread and many have found it useful also @BanjoBen has created a couple of videos on this very topic.

I would encourage you to at least try using TEF Tabs you will make much better progress if you do.

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Ben’s Lesson’s


Perfect. Thanks