Hello all


I have been playing the mandolin since about 2005 in a bluegrass group in College Station, Texas. Before that I played guitar but I have not really progressed well on any instrument and do not consider myself a musician really.

My band plays regularly about once a week at a practice or some gig like retirement communities, charity events, etc… and sometimes I practice in between.

I am currently trying to push myself to practice every day and get some structure and method instead of just playing the same old same old and never learning new tricks.

I think I do not have great dexterity and do not seem to be able to get past maybe 150bpm on most fiddle tunes (unless I simplify them) I guess I am somewhere between beginner and intermediate.

I am a big fan of the Gibson Brothers and I have been working on “unlocking the neck” by listening to their music and
picking the melodies all around the neck instead of just the first 6 frets.

I have trouble adding in fills in general and understanding how to (somewhat) duplicate what I hear and or translate it to a speed that I can manage.

Learning the 2 2 1 2 2 2 1 pattern seems to be helping and also makes it easier to find double stops
It is still hard for me to keep track of what chord I am playing over and for example playing a random G lick when the chord is being played.

Anyway that is where I am at and just wanted to say hi.

Here is a picture of my mandolin:


Man, wish I could grow a nice mandolin like that. What fertilizer are you using? Just kidding. BB’s is a great place to improve your playing and understand what you are doing (or at least trying to do).


Hi Chris Welcome to @BanjoBen 's Forum. You have definitely found the right place Ben is the right person to help you build on your skills.


Good to have you, and Gig 'em!




;^) Scott’s mushroom mix

Thanks all for the welcome

If anyone else is interested in The Gibson Brothers music I have a dozen or so written down.


Hi Chris,

Welcome! What a nice Mandolin. Mi have been playing all of 3 months after getting this year’s B-Day present from my family! I have also been playing Banjo for about 3 years and enjoy being a proud Life Member.

You are among friends here!


im gonna love to see your progress and much as i do the rest of this happy community.


Hi Kb1
I would like to see that also :slight_smile:
Right now I am kind of like grass where it is very hard to see it grow


Just wait a few months and like grass you’ll notice some rather huge progress


Ok @C-Stewart & @Dragonslayer … I will take the bait. Just like BLUE-Grass flourishes in us who learn to play… so too will your BLUEGRASS roots be firmly planted, tended and produce a bountiful, musical harvest.

Let’s hope it is so for all of us!