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Head's Up Y'all - Banjo Ben Interview LIVE tonight 21 October

Just announced over on the Banjo Hangout

Ivan Hart

Will be interviewing Banjo Ben Clark on Facebook live.

It will be tonight, Wednesday, October 21, at 7 PM Central Standard time. Link below to announcement!

Hope to see you there!



Big bummer that his internet connection was so slow! I think he’ll be posting the recorded version soon, thanks for sharing @Archie!


Hi @BanjoBen I was planning to send you a PM about how slow the connection was. I have watched other live streams that ran slow and jerky but not quite as bad as that. Bill Evans had a problem with one of his live streams back in the summer that worked better in a recorded version posted later. Not sure if its a setup issue or just heavy traffic on the web. With the US elections on just now bandwidth in the US will be getting squeezed . A recorded version may run smoother. Lets hope so.


Here’s the youtube link:


Sounds like a long interview… Pilot Ben! keeping it for the weekend.