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Heading out for Nashville!

Ok, so you’re getting ready to head out on a fun trip. Of course you have to work twice as hard to get ahead of things beforehand so that you’ll only have to work twice as hard to catch up when you get back, right? LOL! Yep, that’s me.

Getting the horses situated and some hay re-stacked so that my wife has an easier time taking care of them while I’m gone? Check. Showing my wife how to drain the pumps on the irrigation ditch in case we get a hard freeze while I’m gone? Check. Retensioning the 30’x48’ hoop house cover so that some 40-50 mph winds won’t tear the fabric off? Check. Advancing my project to save a 1904 bunkhouse to the point where it has complete walls and a door so that the chickens will stop thinking it’s their personal taj mahal chicken coop? Check. Getting all these things done without injuring my hands/fingers just days before camp? Mostly check. Ok then, let’s pack some clothes, load up the instruments and head to Nashville!


Ah, Nashville…hometown to heartbreaks & broken dreams, pawn shops filled with instruments and a building that looks like Batman.

I once ran over a deer on the freeway in downtown Nashville. The car in front of me hit it and it popped out from their rear bumper before I knew what was happening. For the next 500 miles, all we smelled was roast venison. I couldn’t believe I drove from Northern New York and thru some of the most deer-populated states in the country, only to hit one in an urban environment.

Y’all take care, y’hear?


Go figure, right? Our neck of the woods is full of deer also, and I have several hundred whitetails just on my property alone despite the number of people I let hunt to try to keep the herd from over populating, so I’m very used to scanning the sides of the road while driving and I try to avoid driving at night and dawn/dusk whenever possible. I just stopped at a hotel a couple hours short of where I wanted to be tonight for that very reason. If I take a deer, I want it to be a planned event, LOL!


You’re gonna fit in great here! Don’t use all your energy…I have some firewood splittin’ and such to do once you get here.


So THAT’s what really happens to early arrivees… firewood duty!!! See you at 11:31! :wink: