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Headed to my first ROMP!

Katy Lou and I are headed north to Owensboro, KY, for a couple days at ROMP. We’re excited to see our friends The Quebe Sisters perform this afternoon. I’ll be doing a broke thumb workshop (with Katy) tomorrow afternoon on the workshop stage. If you’re there, be sure and say hello!


Sounds like a good time! In case you eat at some point… Moonlight BBQ has a very good burgoo and smoked mutton. I use their burgoo recipe (they shared it years ago). The FBO Millionaire used to have it there for pilots at the airport (I don’t think that FBO is still there).

This second place I mention is probably heavily influenced by my nostalgic feelings, (it was a staple for my Dad’s family and my uncle Joe passed away last night) but Roca Bar pizza is across the river in Evansville (on Kentucky Ave). They have Huge thin and crispy pizzas that I really loved.

You also may run into grippo’s chips and/or ale-8 one for sale in the area. Both are highly recommended. Grippos BBQ chips are unique and addictive.

I just want to make sure that you don’t go around hungry!


Annnnnnd, I’d love to come up for that some year!


My to do list just got a bit longer.

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I ain’t had Burgoo in over 30 years. From what I can remember it was delicious. Hopefully someday I’ll run across it again. Unless you’d like to send me the recipe :wink:

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Message sent. I didn’t think it would be right to share a commercial recipe on a public forum. Of course I shared it so, uhhhmm. Seems like there was a punchline about that… “We’ve already established what you are. Now I am just negotiating price.” Anyway, enjoy the burgoo!!!

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Thank you
I appreciate it

I saw The Clarks, The Quebes, and the guy from Asleep At the Wheel in concert on TV several years ago. I was a great show. :+1:


@BanjoBen - Was good meeting you at ROMP and hope you enjoyed the shows. I did practice some of the ‘utility roll’ you went over in the workshop and was able to put it into use at a jam the following morning.