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Head Tension

Does anyone know if the drum dial will tune the head to a G sharp?

Hey @rimn59! The only way to know for sure is to tap tune or get a tuner to pick it up, but in the video Jake says that 89-91 pounds will put you in the neighborhood. There’s something about my Gibson RB-3 that is really difficult to hear the head tone by tapping (easily done on my Huber), but I have it set to 91 all the way around and it sounds mighty fine!

My RB800 is tough to hear a note by head tapping, but I watched a video somewhere (that I can’t seem to find now) that recommended flicking you finger across the head instead of tapping. It works really well if the head has a rough surface. Not so much on a smooth head.

The longer distance you can flick your finger across the head, the easier the note will be to hear. I think it works better because you’re not having to distinguish between the pop you hear when tapping and the note you’re listening for.

This it, @Mark_Rocka?


Very well could be! I couldn’t find it after a lot of looking on YouTube, so that’s probably it. Thanks!