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Happy Thanksgiving 2020

I am thankful for having @BanjoBen as my friend and mentor and all you guy’s supporting this forum. This year has been a very sad and difficult time for many families around the world, Lets pray that next year will bring more fun and happiness to y’all.


Thank you, @Archie, and I’m thankful for you, too!

We’re headed to Texas this morning then to Missouri on Black Friday. I won’t be around the forum much this week with all the festivities, but I wish you all a happy Thanksgiving! And I want to thank you all for being here on the forum. It’s exciting for me to come here and read what you’ve been up to and it brightens my day. Love y’all!


@BanjoBen Congrats on this well deserved break as well as the start of your store. I was contemplating a drive from Indiana to be part of the grand opening, but I could not get my wife on board BUT I believe I do have a commitment from her to visit Banjo Camp in April!


Congratulations on the store opening! Happy Thanksgiving and I’m thankful that you share your talents with us.


Have a great Holiday Ben and Rassle with them sisters if you get the chance and hug on them kids!!


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I’ve seen the times your “day gets brightened” and have wondered, “Doesn’t this guy ever sleep?”

Safe travels you to & yours! :mask:


I started arising at 3:20AM on leap day 2016 and kept it up till quarantine this year, still get up quite early and heading back to the 3:20 wakeup call in 2021.


I used to be the Morning DJ. I know the drill.

For all the annoyances of getting up early, the peace & quiet plus the things you see make it a worthwhile time of day!