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Happy Reformation day! (And Trumpet tune)

Happy reformation day to all you protestants out there! Here’s a tune written by Martin Luther the “father of the reformation” in honor of the day

And I’ll apologize in advance for my trumpeting, it’s not very good


Is it Reformation Day again? What a guy, that Martin Luther, huh?

So wind instruments too eh? I should have known; silly me.

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You’re a man of many talents! Practice saying “tee” and “ta” and “la” while trumpeting! I played the tuba and the trombone for junior high and high school band, which is just a bigger mouthpiece. Keep it up friend!


Yep, it’s conveniently placed right on top of a holiday I don’t celebrate, so I have an excuse… Luther was an interesting fellow, there’s a good movie about him too.

A few. Irish whistle, harmonica, bamboo flute, trumpet, I don’t discriminate… :joy:

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I usually try to do that, I can’t remember if I did in the video, but the trumpet hasn’t been cleaned in over a year and it doesn’t sound the tonguing when dirty (a friend of mine who plays French horn also told me to Ta when I was already) I don’t play trumpet much cuz the styles of music I like require advanced skill to pull of on a brass instrument and I’m not that dedicated to trumpet. My goal with it is just to be able to “play” any brass instrument I meet

Nice performance, I once started to learn the clarinet (my mom played), but lost interest. I also don’t celebrate a certain holiday today, but we always have Reeses (my favorite) so :smile:

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Thanks! We don’t really celebrate any holidays except Thanksgiving and Christmas, and we don’t even always celebrate Christmas on Christmas day, I just like raising awareness for reformation day. I love reese’s, but I almost never get them :disappointed_relieved:

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