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Happy January 8th!

Happy 8th y’all!
I’m busy traveling, but I did play this tune first thing this morning.

I recorded this before I left, it’s not great, but better than a screaming baby… actually there might be one audible… my recording stuff was not working very well when I recorded it.

Hope y’all enjoy it and get some playing done today!


I like it! One of the earliest songs I learned.

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Thanks! It was for me too

great job!

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Nice picking - all instruments!! Cute critters too. So, which instrument part did u record 1st, & last? Saw u had listed garageband software. Curious as to how it actually gets put together. I dont have audio software, stuff I’ve done was just me playing backup(2nd) to a singular recording of myself playing lead(1st), & recording that as a whole on cell phone voice recorder. Pretty shadetree-esque, I know :confounded:! Maybe the answer(s) is food for a new thread, perhaps theres one regarding this already out there? Either way, enjoyed the 8th & hope to “get some playing done today” , haven’t been able to in about a week due to traveling & then getting a cruddy cold (cant have snot running down onto the mando, no way lol!!!) Currently in mando withdrawals :grimacing:


I use a boss rc3 pedal for looping backup and lead. I tried with audacity and garage band but could not figure out an easy way to do it.


Thanks y’all!

The first one was a track of the melody on mandolin with a metronome, which was to keep me in time and knowing what I’m doing. I deleted it when I was done with it. I recorded everything else in the order of solos, solo and backup were recorded in the same take for each instrument


Ok, I got my version of 8th of January picked on my mandolin. I feel much better now.


I think you’ve introduced us to this crew before?? Good work!!

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Yep, I played Cherokee Shuffle with them before.

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