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Happpppy Birthady Ben


Happy birthday Ben! And also Bela Fleck (either today or yesterday)

Keep up the good work, happy b’day Ben!

Happy Birthday Ben ! :gift:
We are blessed to be part of your friends and family! You’re definitely a one of a kinda human being . Thanks for all that you do for us here : )

Let the party swing

All the best Ben have a great day…

Thanks! It’s not technically till Sunday the 14th, but it got kicked off in style yesterday when @Mark_Rocka sent me 20 WHATABURGER CHEESEBURGERS IN THE MAIL!!! Best birthday EVER!


Must be a great month for birthdays. I was born on the 4th of July and celebrated another trip around the sun. I couldn’t have “Picked” a better day! :wink:


Sure is, seems like I had almost ten people I know with birthdays already this month, and at least one friend with birthday at the end!

Oh, and happy belated birthday!


Happy early birthday, Ben. I’m privileged to have you as a teacher and wish you many more happy years. :birthday:
:hamburger::hamburger::hamburger::hamburger: Here’s some generic burgers from me too!

Well Happy Birthday Ben! You share your birthday with Gerald Ford, and even more importantly my wife.


Happy birthday to her!

Late to the party here but Happy Birthday Ben, hope you had a great one! :+1::birthday:


No @Jono your bang om time it’s TODAY

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Good to know… Thanks Archie :+1:

:birthday: Happy Birthday Banjo Ben and wishing you many, many, many more! May you never lose your pick, your instruments always be in tune, and you never forget to pack extra strings in your gig bag!

Happy Birthday @BanjoBen!

One July guy to another… I am next Saturday (20th).

May God Bless you on this day and throughout this year!

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Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday Ben! A day late…