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Hanging instruments on a wall

Hey all,
I’m moving my home office around and am tempted to install some wall hangers for my guitars and banjos (I currently keep them all in their cases). Increased access would probably mean increased use, and I love the look. But I worry about exposure (dust, UV, pets, general lack of protection). Does anyone have good or bad stories to tell about hanging instruments?

Thanks in advance.

Humidification would be my biggest concern. .


Excellent point.

I use them often and like them. They are much more secure than a floor stand. Humidity is a valid concern. I do humidify my house when it gets cold. I put them in the case when it gets real cold (which is when it gets real dry).

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I leave my instruments out during the day, two on my (upper bunk) bed and one on my dresser, the dust hasn’t harmed them (and there’s way more here than you’ll have) and they’re out of the way of my siblings. Humidity hasn’t been an issue nor has dryness, but it’s fairly temperate here


Humidity (well, the fact that there’s plenty of it) isn’t a problem down here in Houston, so nearly every instrument I own hangs on a wall. For hangers that will be holding my banjos, I make sure they’re screwed into a stud. For lighter instruments, I use the drywall anchors that come with the hangers and haven’t had a problem.