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Ground speed practise recording

Thought I would make up a backing track and record practising Earls ground speed. Not perfect, still trying to get my picking clearer and accurate. Excuse the mistakes, still working hard at improving. :wink: Ground speed


Man! That was great, Jon! You played smooth from beginning to end. I really enjoyed it.

What’s all in your backing track? It sounded really tight.

Great job Jon. Sounded very clean to me.

Not being a banjo player that sounded more like a performance than a practice. Awesome.

Thanks all. I try my best. That was probably my 5th take as I mucked it up a few times :yum:

There is guitar and some percussion, bass, and banjo playing backing (I don’t have a mandolin… yet :wink:) all recorded by me in logic pro. As you can see in the video. I didn’t mic up the banjo but used a pickup instead and adjusted the tone with some eq.

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That was great Jon wished my pickin was that smooth



Thanks everyone for the support. It’s nice to get some encouraging feedback from other players.
Quick question. I feel I have my banjo set up pretty well but struggle a little up the neck with string bends due to the strings being higher off the fretboard there. My fingers sometimes slip under the string when bending. I’ve got the action set at 1/8 inch above the 12 fret. Is it possible to go lower with shimming the neck and slacking the truss rod a bit more, or is that the lowest I can go before string buzz?

Fun, fun, fun! My toes are still tappin’.


Great job @Jono! I loved the smoothness of it all!

Yes, you can go as low as you want until it starts buzzing :wink: I would go watch my coordinator rod adjustment video and try that first.

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That pickup sounds great!

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I got the pickup on ebay. It works on guitar too. Its supposed to be under the skin on the inside but I like to have it removable so just stick it on when I need it. :wink:

I will do that Ben. I have adjusted the coordinator rod slightly in the past but have heard if you tighten it too much you distort the rim and that it was best to shim the neck. :+1: Just out of interest, what height are your strings at the 12th fret Ben?

I don’t know right offhand, and I won’t be reunited with my banjos for a couple more days…I’ll try to remember to measure.

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Well now I’m gonna have to learn Ground Speed I guess.