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Ground Hog Day

So what is the significance of Ground Hog Day ?

Why do Americans celebrate it ?

And why a national holiday?

It’s a tradition or perhaps an observance. Its not a holiday. No one gets the day off.

The Wikipedia article tells you more than you’ll likely want to know about its origins. For most Americans not living in Punxsutawney Pennsylvania the day likely passes without giving it much thought. The closest some get to celebrating is watching the old Bill Murray movie.

Some good news is that today Punxsutawney Phil predicted an early spring. For those of us suffering through a northern winter, let’s hope he is right.

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Thanks Chris, The reason I ask is several UK politicians made reference to it in the past couple of weeks and I thought they might wanna introduce it over here as Brexit Day… I am just fed up hearing the word Brexit and think Ground Hog sounds better.

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Take a look at page 141 of Earl Scrugg’s book (revised edition). You can learn Ground Hog for yourself! Pretty similar to Hot Corn, Cold Corn. But I like Punxsutawney Phil too.