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GROMMETS for banjo?

Hi Folks,

I play mandolin and banjo. Now the mandolin has grommets that go between the strings halfway between the Bridge and tailpiece. I am wondering would a banjo benefit by having grommets in that area too? Granted the grommets would have to be a lot bigger in size than a mandolin string spacing, but putting it out there for you all to think about.



Well, the grommets on my tarp don’t seem to help the sound at all when it’s flapping in the wind.
And considering the banjo is really a percussion instrument, I’m not sure grommets used to mute string overtones is an appropriate application.

That is an interesting experience,

I know the grommets are used to cut off undesired frequencies and overtones, not sure that would be good for banjo especially when playing melodic style but worth a try. I will have a go at that myself

Thanks for reply, just wondered.

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Thanks for reply, just wonder what folks like yourself thought.

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I took the grommets off of my mando the last time I changed strings. I really couldn’t tell any difference.

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