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Grey Owl Tab

Does anyone here happen to have a very basic and beginner version of the tune “Grey Owl”? My little brother wants to learn to read tablature and thats one of his favorite songs! :slight_smile:


Hi Lucy, There’s a basic banjo version over on the Banjo Hangout. It’s based on a forward reverse roll no slides, hammers or pull offs. It’s in Tef format so you’ll need TefView to listen to it or print off a PDF. It goes as high as the 11 fret so I think that should fit his wee banjo.


Which instrument is he wanting it for?

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Oh, I should’ve mentioned before! He’s learning mandolin too, so he’s looking for a mandolin version although I’m sure he’ll love it on banjo as well! :notes:

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I could write one up for him of course, I was just thinking that maybe someone already had one written! :smiley:


Writing it out…and letting him help would be a great learning experience…just saying…:grin: