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Great Experience with the General Store

Not sure if this is the most appropriate place to post this topic but I wanted to let others know how great the customer services is at Banjo Ben’s General Store. I was in the market for a less expensive guitar than a Martin D-18 and talked to both Ben and Jake and they helped me choose an Easton E6D. I got a fantastic deal on it, better than anywhere else online and free shipping. Plus, Jake is going to hand select it and set it up for me as though it was his own guitar. Goodbye Musician’s Friend, Amazon, Reverb, etc. ALL my business will be with the General Store from now on. And no, this is not a paid endorsement. They actually DID bill my credit card. LOL! If you are in the market for an instrument or just want to talk shop, Jake is an awesome dude to talk to and has a lot of experience with equipment. He also steered me toward a great capo that was half the price of the one I thought I had to have. A+ service!!


Thank you for those kind words! We are honored to take care of my Gold Pick members!

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Just a quick question @BanjoBen , though I’m not in the market for ANYTHING :slight_smile: ! Do you ship to Europe to ? Well, Belgium in particular ?

We sure do, though we have no control over import taxes, which I know are pretty hefty in the UK.

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Hi @Erwin1

Four point’s to consider, Shipping Cost’s, Import Duty, Value Added Tax and Handling Charges to recover duty & taxes. I wish it were not so but as @BanjoBen points out he has no control over such matters.

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Couldn’t agree more!