Sitting in my garage yesterday morning quietly playing a little ball with my doggie when we both heard the strings on my guitar ping like a pinch of the d & b strings. Looked over and seen a grasshopper had landed there. Before I could rescue the little feller, he jumped inside. I have tried like everything to get it out. Even turned the guitar upside down propped up a bit overnight but it’s still there. OMG - Any humane suggestions out there to trap / lure this feller out? Could continue practicing my f chord but that would be inhumane:fearful:
Butch B.



Just leave a straw or a paint stick in the hole. He will like crawl out when it is dark. Or a glue board on a string carefully lowered inside.


Yes! Stick is a great idea. No glue board though. Thanks !! - I went over to the BHO and posted. Someone stated they would put rattlesnake rattlers in their fiddles when this happens… :open_mouth: …Or a stick so they could eventually crawl out.


Let me see. How about putting a small but bright flash light/lamp inside and leave it in a dark room. Usually they are active and do not stay put in one place, wonder how it manages in there.


Wow, I didn’t see this situation coming. If the little dude is still in there, I’d relieve tension on the strings enough to get the bridge pins out. Then you could just reach in there and get him.


I left the guitar on it’s stand - stuck a small dowel rod there and thought he climbed out and had gone but I heard him jumping around inside again. This time he was directly below the sound hole so I quickly turned said guitar upside down and he fell onto the strings. I took a magazine and carefully slid it between the strings and sound hole so he wouldn’t jump back in. He’s now free! Thanks for the suggestions.:smiley:

Butch B.