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Gotta share this


What’s that lick he plays in the holes starting at 3:22? It sounds like a closed lick.

That’s a video to study, right there. Tons of great backup and transition licks to incorporate into other songs. Thanks!

Yes, it’s called the Six White Horses lick and it’s here in measures 25 and 27:


Is that the same you hade in boogiewoogie part2 walking the dog lick?

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Hi Mats

The Six White Horses lick ( is derived from the tune Six White Horses where Earl Scruggs is credited with inventing this great backup lick) It been copied and modified and therefore has a ton of variations. So yes “Walking the Dog lick” is a variation on the Six White Horses Lick, Ben just happen to come up with that name to give the lick a handle and makes it easy for us to identify it.

I believe it’s also the lick Ben plays over and over in the intro to Jazzy Joy To the World.

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Yep, that’s it!