Got my Huber Workhorse today!


Well, I just got my Huber Workhorse that I had been talking about. Tuned it up. Wow…just wow.
It’s like a sports car compared to the old truck I was playing. As a matter of fact there will have to be a period of
getting used to the enhanced playability and the tone will rattle the rafters. I couldn’t be happier. There was another one for sale at Banjo Hangout not too long ago if anyone is interested.


Looking forward to seeing some videos of you playing your new baby!


Listen to @stixx3969 tear up some John Henry on that new Huber Workhorse!


Nice job! great pickin! The Banjo sounds fantastic!


Aw…thanks guys! Crappy recording but…


Nice and that banjo sounds great. Hope you are
happy with it


This is just AWESOME! Congrats, dude… cuz it sounds great.

You tear it up with that Huber Workhourse!

That is just some fine pickin’!


I really enjoy practicing specific runs while watching the Olympics. When I see the amount of work a dedication put in by these athletes I’m just inspired.

Winter Olympics