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GOOD NEWS! Prayers have been ANSWERED - Praise God!

Joyful News and Thanksgiving to one and all here.

As many of you know… I lost my job on January 19th after 17 years at my old company. Things were not working out and my long working hours and travel was just not sustainable. Well, the REAL stress was that we were right smack dab in the middle of constructing my new house when this bad news broke - unsuspectingly.

Well, just as my wife predicted - through soulful prayer - she proclaimed that I would have a job within 1 month.

I started my new job on Feb. 19th! I was soooo excited to share the great news with those of you who answered my call for prayers, assistance and intercessions. Many of you rejoiced with me.

Now, perhaps some of you may have noticed that I have been uncharacteristically quiet in recent weeks (or maybe many rejoined my absence… :thinking: ) but I am overjoyed to share with you that we closed on our new house last week without incident and sold/closed on our old house on Friday. Many old doors shut and new doors opened.

We are blessed indeed - as I like the new job and am so grateful for God providing me this new house. Now, maybe I can get back to some steady practice and buggin’ all of you with my silly topics and lengthy, rambling responses.

Just know how much I am grateful for your prayers and am here to testify… PRAYERS MAKE MIRACLES - if we only take time to recognize and testify to share our stories. I am also sooo pleased that Ben opened the door to allow me to request your support - which was also a real blessing in these times of worry.

May God Bless you - one and all - and if you are in need… ask the community for prayers of strength, fortitude and resolutions and I sincerely believe you will feel God’s hands work through this site.



Blessings on you and yours. Amen

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Great testimonies like yours encourage us and strengthen our faith. Welcome back Will.

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That’s awesome Will! So happy for you and your family.

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It is so nice to REJOICE with the Banjo Ben Brethren!

Thanks for all the positive comments…

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God is good all the time. Rejoice in the Lord. So happy for your blessings. When we are in the valley it is hard to look up and see the mountain!

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