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Gonna miss you guys this year at Banjo Bens Cabin Camp!

Hey everybody! Due to my work schedule I’m not going to be able to hang out with you fine pickers this year at the best camp ever :frowning_face: Last year was one of the highlights of my 44 years on this planet. I met the best teachers ever, learned a ton about picking, and made friends with some of the best and most fun people Ill ever meet! This years camp looks to be even better! I hope all of you learn a ton from the best teacher ever to have a music camp, and hope you get good and miserable on Damon’s cooking!! Maybe I’ll get a chance to drop in if I can sneak away just to say hi to y’all.

Look forward to seeing posts of all the fun!!


Oh man, that’s a bummer. Gonna miss you. Hope you get to drop in.


Come hang out on Saturday night!


Gonna try!!