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Golden gate james alan shelton mandolin strap


I was wondering, is this an adjustable strap? And also is this strap designed to be used with a Chicago Screw as well?

Thanks in advance !

I’m not 100% sure, but I’m pretty sure it’s not adjustable. I called @Jake at the General Store several weeks back and talked to him about a strap for an A-style Mandolin. He recommended this strap and told me that was indeed secured with Chicago Screws.

I finally ordered it this week, so if others aren’t able to chime in, I can let you know Monday when I get my package in.

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Awe thank you so much! And yes I need it for my A style Mandolin as well. Do you know if it comes with a Chicago Screw? Or is that sold separately?
But yes keep me updated please , thanks so much !

I have the screws on the site:

I’m sorry I don’t know more about the strap…even though I sell them! It does say on the strap page that they’re adjustable, and I can’t quite see how the screws are needed for this one. But, I’ve never used one myself. That’s a @Jake question and he’s out of town this weekend.

@BanjoBen okay cool! It sounds like it’ll be the perfect strap for me and my A-style. Thanks so much for getting back at me! I’ll get a Chicago Screw as well just in case I need it.

Reply from Jake: It includes two screws attaching the loop which slips around the scroll, They’re already attached and everything. So it doesn’t require the user to purchase more or do anything with them per se, unless it’s for an A-Style Mando and they need to be taken off to skip the loop under the strings between the headstock.

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@BanjoBen thank you for reaching out to Jake for me. Sounds like this strap is the one for me. I’ll be purchasing it in just a couple days.

This is off topic, but I figured I’d ask you now that I had you here. I had some questions about humidifying instruments. Would you prefer for me to open up a New Topic or send you a direct message?

Let’s open a new topic, because I have an INCREDIBLE product from D’Addario headed to the General Store very soon.

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Good deal!