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Golden Gate Clown Barf Picks

These are real purty. Once again great shopping experience with Jake. GG%20Clown%20Barf


As an additional review and thought for these. I love the color obviously and these are usually a large size. The pearl ones I have is a medium. My thumb will get numb after awhile. The only negative to the Clown Barf is they usually have a larger blade which I do not like. I prefer the pearl blade. So with some 120 grit, 320 and then 1000 sandpaper I just markedGG%20CB and sanded down to preference and used 1000 to polish it up so wouldn’t glide across the string roughly.


After a year of regular use mine just developed a crack last week. I had to steam it and open up a large for it to be comfortable. I was very happy with it while it lasted. It came to me with some Yates Eights finger picks as an extra. Now I’m going back to the Blue Chip.


Love the Pick Name… Hilarious!!!

Agreed. I have one, but hardly ever use it cause I don’t care for the large blade.