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Gold tone twanger

I see these flew out of the store and I can understand why. Not owning or played one myself I can still see how great this banjo is from Ben’s video. Would love to own one myself but just don’t have the spare cash to fund this kind of purchase plus the import tax and shipping to UK.
To anyone considering buying I would say this is a great buy. It has a nice rounded tone on the low end and bright sparkle on the High end. Just what I look for in a bluegrass banjo. I forsee these being sort after banjos that will probably increase with value over the years, much like certain periods of gold star banjo. I always felt that the gold tone ob250+ was a better sound than the Ob250 (just personal taste) but the twanger is a flagship for gold tone I would say. (I better not shout that too loud though as gold tone may up the price :wink:)
For anyone who has purchased on the forum, let’s see some videos please you lucky devil’s. :joy: :grin: :+1:


Funny you should say that. I told a buddy of mine that owns a local music store that I can see the Twanger becoming the new Gold Tone flagship model.

We still have a couple of weeks before we’ll get them in our hands. I don’t think Jake has even received the first shipment yet.


I agree. And we’ll have one of the first batch of 36, signed by the designers, so who knows, these may become quite desirable and might even increase in value.


I think the first batch will certainly be collectors and increase in value. I hope Gold tone can keep the consistancy of the sound on future batches as they sure sound puuuuuurdy. :smiley: