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Gold Tone OB-3?

Oh man, I was just checking out the gold tone site and noticed their 2019 catalog!!!
Check out page 29!!

“In late 2018, “Banjo Ben” Clark and Jake Sturgill had a concept for replicating one of
the most iconic banjos, played by the one of the most iconic banjo players of all time,
JD Crowe’s original RB-3 (“Banger”). After extensive research, and with great attention to every detail, Gold Tone was able to rebirth this classic banjo. What makes this
banjo truly unique is its “No Hole” tone ring, which really tightens up the sustain.
It also features the original measurements on the headstock, neck and body, nickel
plated hardware, slanted resonator walls, vintage inlay, a Presto tailpiece, concentric
resonator rings, and a brown mahogany finish. We’ve designed hundreds of banjos
in the last 25 years, but tone-wise, this outperforms every previous model. Includes
an archtop hardshell case, lifetime transferrable warranty, and can optionally be ordered with capo spikes, pickup, Zero Glide upgraded nut, or as a left-handed model.”

Grats @BanjoBen and @Jake now I am excited to see and hear it. Hope I didn’t leave a cat out of the bag.


Wow! That’s really cool, except for the part where they spelled Jake’s name wrong. :flushed:

I wonder how it will sound.


Sack that Printer or should that read Proof Reader.

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Pretty cool banjo!

here’s my guess:
jayk STAHG-dil


I cringed :grimacing: but I’m not entirely surprised, Stogdill is hard to remember, let alone spell. Hopefully someone can correct that before too many people see it

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Surely a Heads Up to Gold Tone can have this online catalogue amended it’s just a PDF file @Jake @BanjoBen

Called Gold Tone and advised them of the spelling issue, they can correct the .pdf but not the printed catalogs. :S

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