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Gold Pick question

I am a Silver Member. I can view a number of guitar lessons available for purchase. I haven’t counted them. If memory serves I can see 2 or 3 view pages of advanced lessons on my PC that I can purchase.
As a Gold Pick Member does the number of lessons available to me increase? If so, is it a large number increase?
(I hope this makes sense. I just woke up and am a little fuzzy brained at the moment :slight_smile: )
Thanks for any feedback.

All lessons are unlocked as a Gold Pick member.

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Hi Spencer, As a Gold Pick Member you will have full access to ALL the lessons on All the instruments on BanjoBenClark.Com. For the duration of your membership.

The FREE Silver Membership is really a sweetner a chance to look around and see what’s on offer. The Free Membership lets you unlock three full lessons of your choice yours to keep with no further obligation.

Hang in there till Monday when @BanjoBen will be offering some special deals on Membership’s. If you can afford it I would highly recommend Life Membership. Best investment I ever made.

For more info click on this link and scroll down


@spencermm I completely agree with Archie. I purchased the Gold plan only because it was the best value, but it also opened up the lessons of Mando and Guitar also and I want to learn to play Mando. hopefully, after I get some banjo tunes down. I will upgrade to “Life” membership, I like this place along with the members here…and Bens pretty good too…:laughing:

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Would be honored to have you on board! I have well over a hundred lessons for each instrument, and they’re all available to my Gold Pick members, whether you pay monthly, annually, or sign up for life.