Gold Pick Membership Didn't Transfer to New Site?


Hey ya’ll

I was a gold pick member on the old site and it doesn’t appear to have transferred over to the new site. Was there something I was supposed to do?

Let me know.




The memberships should have transferred over automatically.

Off the top of my head, I’d say make 100% sure the email address you’re using to sign in here is the one you used to buy your gold pick membership.

If you’re positive you’re using the same email address to sign in here, I’m sure Ben will be along shortly to help you sort it out.


Thanks Mark. I’m mostly certain… It’s been so long. I’ve only had two emails that I’ve used; and


Never mind… I’m a Dolt! Somehow I have two log-ins to the site. If I log-in with my userID and not my email everything is as it should be.

Sorry for the error on my part!


Paul, My Life Membership transferred just fine. I did have to use my email address and password. Not my Username as I did on the old site.


Hey Paul! Glad you got it figured out.


Hey, I have the same problem! I have been a Gold Member since Feb 2011 and logged into the new site successfully. However, it only shows a Free Status and no Memberships and I cannot access any of the material. I have sent an email to Ben for help, hope to resolve soon! I tried signing in with user name and email address with same outcome. -Jeff


Hey Jeff, I’ve got you taken care of and will send you an email.


Thanks for the after hours update!!! BTW, I met one of your younger Skype students at a local jam here in NC… He has learned some great banjo chops and we had a good chat about you and your site!!! Keep up the great work and let the music spread!
Kind Regards,