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Gold Pick - Lifer... New to Mandolin!

Hi Y’all!

I’m @WillCoop1 - 3-year Banjer picker… who just received my brand spankin’ new MD315 from Jake at the ole General Store this week.

Thanks to @Jake for patience and excellent service!

Anyway, happy to introduce myself over here in this area of the MANDO-FORUM!


Welcome to mandolin, I hope you enjoy it!


Congrats Will may you have many years of happy stumming

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I know I already responded, but I am happy for you enough to justify two posts. Will, if you haven’t already done so, go through Ben’s mando basics. They really set you up with a great foundation. I think you are going to like mandolin. You can play it on the sofa while watching a game, it is super portable, you can cover an entire octave on two strings without moving your hand, they are short scale so it can be setup really easy-to-fret, and it’s just a happy instrument. Happy picking!!!


Do you know… I think you hit on something @Mike_R.

Long ago, my mom was in the church choir and there was this guy - a very accomplished studio musician - who once told me that he actually taught Ted Nugent as a Youngster (skeptical, I checked into it - and confirmed to be true by Ted himself in a interview)!

Anyway, the important part of the story is that Joe taught his students to play repetitive riffs (or licks, yes?) without an amp and just sitting in front of TV - to make it “second nature”.

I had not thought of that in quite some time… but yes, I can imagine this would be a great compliment for Mandolin!

It is really fun to play… but thanks @Mike_R for finding me 2-response worthy! I really appreciate yours and everyone’s advice as I begin on this road.