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Ghs strings UK pf185's anyone?

Anyone know where I can order some GHS Pf 185 almost medium banjo strings in UK? All the regular suppliers I know in the UK are all out of stock. They’ve been getting harder to get the last time I ordered, but now I can’t seem to find any in UK! These strings work best on my banjo for playability and tone so I’m a bit miffed if suppliers over here are gonna stop stocking these. :roll_eyes:

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Let me know if I can help you. I’m more than happy to do a bulk order and help you overcome the shipping/VAT.

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Thanks Ben, I’m waiting on a reply from a UK supplier, then I’ll let you know. :+1:

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Try these pal just ordered a good few sets of 155 and 135 and if you email them they will do discount on a few sets


strings in the UK are ridiculously expensive… :tired_face:

Thanks Lee, manged to get some 185’s from them., :+1:

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ok cool… it would be good to get from Ben to support him but logistically might not be worth the customs/postage etc

at least you’re sorted now…


Yes thats the real killer Lee. While I was searching around I came across a US supplier, but shipping was going to be $50! That’s before any customs import tax I may have to pay. Its just crazy.
Maybe when this Brexit stuff is over with we can strike a better deal with the US on import/shipping charges. :stuck_out_tongue: