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Ghost riders

hello there …

“Ghost riders in the Sky”…i like that tune very much…is there someone who knows where to find nice banjo-tabs?

Greetings from Holland



Greetings from the North parts of the USA.

Ghost riders in the Sky… Great tune!

I look forward to others replies… but well, I wanted to give a “Shout Out” to Holland. Wow.

Glad to have you among us!


I don’t know of a Tab for it, but if you have some time, I guess you could watch this and come up with a tab, r maybe someone here is able to do it. This is a pretty good version of it.

He has the B string down to B flat


Very cool!!

I love his arrangements/playing. His Allen Shelton medley is fantastic, I think I learned three or four different tunes from one video alone.

To the OP, are you hip to the ‘slow down’ feature on Youtube videos? Click the settings icon (the cog in the lower right), and set your speed to 75% or 50%. It’s made learning tunes through Youtube so much easier! Now if they had a looper…


Hi @Adriaan Greetings from Scotland

I do believe that Ghost Riders in the Sky is Copyright and as such @BanjoBen won’t be teaching it any time soon.

I have not seen a banjo tab for this tune however.

Jim Pankey has a walk through/demo on his YouTube Channel

Casey Henry also has a custom tutorial lesson which you can purchase from the Murphy Method website.

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thank you very much Archie…do like Jim Pankey