Gator Hunting


Amazing story… and a good one with suspense , humor, terror and a bit of sadness - when chomp (small “c”) finally went his way… only to return as CHOMP (Big “C”) - forever changed. For a northern, guy who grew up in the ‘burbs, I cannot fathom what all this would be like to experience!

I was stationed at Barksdale AFB in Bossier City, Louisiana… for 6 years and heard stories that there were Gators on the remote east side of that big base… but I don’t recall ever seeing any.

Thanks for sharing, Ben.


How did we not see THAT comin’?

Hook, line and sinker, you reeled us in on that one, @Maggie!

Something suggests to me that you have many more…


There are plenty out there bigger than that one. Th GA state record is just over 14 feet. now I think.


He said it was only a short way from Louisiana


All this talk of food. Anyone fancy HAGGIS ?



I’d love to try haggis. If I don’t like it, I could just immediately do some haggis hurling (real sport, elgoog it)


I would try them? Do you eat them Archie?


Aye Brandon, but not all Haggi are the same. Some are spicier than others. I much prefer the spicy ones.

Did you read the recipe ?


Yeah I read it…sounds pretty good!




Priceless response there @Maggie.

Don’t hold back now… tell us how you REALLY feel!