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Garage Band Query

Hey @Mark_Rocka So I’m just starting to explore Garageband and wondering how I go about creating some bluegrassy sounds/loops. Banjo, Mando, Dobro etc. I used to use BIAB and thought this App might be similar but it seems way more complex, not sure how to get started

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Are you wanting to create your own instrument loops or work with the canned stuff that comes with GB?

This video is a quick intro to creating and using loops.

Also, you probably already know this, but if you set the key, time signature, and BPM of your song from the very beginning, editing it is WAY easier.

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Hi Mark. Really what I wanted to know was does Garageband contain bluegrass instruments. Every tutorial I’ve looked at is built round beats and synths HipHop music. Band in a Box has lots of Bluegrass rhythm tracks where you can input a chord progression , add banjo, mando guitar, set the key, tempo and your good to go.

Garageband has a few mandolin and banjo loops, but only very few. Almost all of them are more hiphop synth stuff

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I seem to recall an acoustic guitar and upright bass in there, but it’s been a long time. We’re helping my mother-in-law move, so I won’t be in front of my MacBook today. I’ll check it soon and let you know.

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Thanks Gunnar

So it would seem your not using Garageband for Bluegrass so what do you use it for ?

You can use it for bluegrass, but you have to record everything you want, the loops won’t really help. It’s definitely not anything like band in a box


Thanks Gunner that answers all my queries.