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I came across this while looking for the theme song to the netflix show “Justified”. Wow, who would have thought hip/hop/rap and bluegrass would work together!! Not me, but my mind has been changed.



David Crowder does a lot of that. I think it sounds cool, Alot better than some of the other contemporary christian artists out there.

Thats cool! I accidentally tapped on “You Can Never Go Home Again” and liked it even more. Thanks for the share!

Yeah, agreed. I do like the girls voice on the first link as well. “You can never go home again” reminded me a bit of my favorite song linked to Justified (below). Like the gangstagrass, Justified and Crowder as well. Basically, I like everything about this thread.


Justified… [Sigh]

I really liked season 1. I bought it on BlueRay.

I need to get Season 2 but it seems to be quite rare and hard-to-get.

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