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G lick2

When I exercise the g-lick very intensly its difficult to play for instance Hop Skip and Jump. Myfingers are locked in a Glick performance…

Hi @info4

Seems like your caught in a learning loop and can’t find a way to escape.

The Hop Skip and Jump lesson it quite a tricky lesson to work though. And although @BanjoBen has placed it in the beginner lesson track many more experienced players myself included find parts of that lesson challenging.

How I work through difficult passages is one measure at time sometimes splitting the measure if I get tied in knots.

If the G Lick is hampering your progress then take a break from it and go work on something else.

Sometimes the brain just needs a little time to process what you have learned and it has to do this subconsciously. By working on something completely different your giving the learning process a chance to catch up.

Hope this helps


To be honest, that’s not a beginner lesson. I do need to move it! But I’d love for you to post a little video clip showing what you’re talking about.