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Full time job/practice time

I am wondering how much practice time people with full-time jobs get in on work days?

Take this helpful survey to see how you stack up. I think nearly everyone here has a full time job, some seem to have several jobs.
How Many Practice Hours?


I try to practice at least an hour every evening after work. Sometimes more. I gave up watching TV or other wasteful time-consumers, reasoning, that building a skill is much more important. My typical ‘modus’ is to pick a song and identify trouble-spots. Create repeatable “loops” to play over & over slowly and even wear headphones to listen to a radio show in case I need to repeat the difficult passage hundreds of times slowly. Like magic, those difficult passages melt-away into a delicious sounding lick.


I don’t know how anyone in the US can get more than an hour of practice per day. I certainly didn’t when I was there. It’s a busy country


Hi Peggy, I would say don’t get too hung up on how much time you have to practice. Just use what time you do have to have fun. So long as your having fun you will learn. If it’s a chore then chances are your not going to progress. Don’t compare your progress with others. We all learn at different speeds. We all have good day and bad days

Footnote. It can help to keep a diary of your practice and progress, Setting short and long term goals. I don’t do it so much these days but in the past I have kept a computer journal. More so to log the lessons I have studied but also to monitor how far I have come. .


If I can get 30-60 minutes a night i am pretty happy. Also a low TV user and a very supportive partner! I work full time, have a few hours woodwork one night a week, and a martial art 2 other nights so I’m a pretty busy person.