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Frying Pan on a big stick


Aww - Didn’t know about the parchment paper head, and really can’t find any information to verify that, but timely bit of info. just the same.

Going to an elementary school this morning to do a small show & tell about the 5 string. They may find that interesting, Don’t really know what to play that would be appropriate for the kiddos. Going to do " Ben’s version of “You are my Sunshine” on the banjo, and I’ll play “He’s Got The Whole World” on guitar. Think I’ll play Cripple Creek also, just switch up some lyrics. That’ll be a fun tune. Thanks Archie.

Butch B.

Hi Butch. Parchment would be goat skin vellum still used in the UK for Ukulele Banjo’s to achieve the correct tone for George Formby style. This little light of mine would work well for the kids. Have fun

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The talent there is singing and playing banjo at the same time!!!

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