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Fretboard Geography or Waypoints

What will give a banjo player a better foundation to build on? Would it Fretboard Geography or Waypoints?

Would love to hear the what and why from anyone who cares to opine.

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My personal opinion is waypoints if you want to play with others. For me it really opened up the neck for backup and if you want to fake a break. My favorite lesson. It has helped me a bunch when it comes to playing with others

My opinion would be fretboard geography. I think there’s more backup that can be used with the x and y positions. I like both though.

  • Fretboard Geography
  • Waypoints

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Let’s take a poll!

They are both good foundationally…

The best result is when you can relate to how they work together.

Jack, My opinion ‘for what it’s worth’ is they are both excellent resources. It would be hard to define one approach over the other. What you take from those lessons is valuable knowledge. How you use that knowledge will be borne out in your playing. If I had to choose I’d choose both not one over the other.

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I will not weigh in, but I find this thread very interesting!