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Four string banjo

are there any four string banjo lessons?

No, I’m sorry…not yet!

Hi John

Here is a link to an excellent site teaching Irish Tenor Banjo. I know of no others

I may be wrong here, but I believe a tenor banjo is tuned in 5ths like a mandolin. Would some of the mandolin lessons work? Of course, it wouldn’t be in the same key, but if you download the TEF files and then change the tuning of the strings in the TEF viewer, seems like it might work. Keep in mind, though, that there’s a lot more distance to travel on a banjo neck than a mandolin’s.

Actually, tenor banjo can be either tuned like a viola/mandola, or, irish tuning, which is octave mandolin, so it would be in the same key

Hi @Mark_Rocka Yes for Irish / Celtic it’s tuned like a mandolin, for Jazz it’s tuned C, G, D, A