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Foot In Mouth Disease

Greetings all! I am new here and thought I would give Banjo Ben a try, I like his videos and instruction.

I have been playing the banjo (off and on) for the past 3 years and it basically winds down like this…I’ll pick it up and learn a few things with tab until I get bored and then end up sitting it down for awhile. My frustration is that I don’t know what to do outside of tab playing…this is why I am here, I want to learn (even master) the banjo, wish me luck in my endeavors!

Now to the Foot in Mouth Disease…I mentioned to a guitar player friend of mine to keep me honest and to not let me slack on playing because I want the extra motivation to keep me going. Well…I didn’t think that through too much. My friend is a 27 year veteran of the US Military with most of his career in Leadership. Not only did he promise to keep me in line, but I got a text this morning that HE SIGNED ME UP FOR OPEN MIC at our local bar in 3 months time!!! Oh boy! I have a lot to learn between now and then. I have been tasked to pick 3 songs to play with him and want to play something fun and maybe a little more modern…he plays classic rock a lot and knows a little bluegrass, but thinking of something that would be super fun to play. Any suggestions out there?

Moral to the story is to make great friends and to be careful what you ask them for! :slight_smile:


Hey Jason, I’m fairly new here myself and I’m having a ball. I’m having no problem whatsoever with motivation, rather I’m neglecting other things now so I have to deal with that. Great resources here and great people too. In the past, I just learned songs from tab as well. Now, I’m getting the music theory which I was never interested in before, the banjo basics some of which I missed way back when and I’m getting structure and tools which make it so much easier to learn. The site has beginner, intermediate and advanced tracks all laid out for you nice and neat with lesson check off lists (I love checking things off lists). In addition to tabs, you’ve got backing tracks, videos, and the .tef files are fantastic and have really accelerated my learning.

I think you’re in the right place, I hope you enjoy it here.

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Hey Jason! Welcome to the board!

I know what you mean about having a problem sticking with it. Been there many times myself. If you have 3 months, that puts you right in the beginning of the Holiday season. Maybe you could learn some of Ben’s Christmas tunes?


Dude, what about Wildwood Flower? Everyone loves that one and he can probably trade off breaks with you?

Welcome to the site!

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Thanks everybody for the support!

I am very familiar with Wildwood Flower…Great suggestion!

I actually grew up about 10 miles from the Carter Family Fold and have listened to that tune for pretty much my entire life! Not to mention it was my late Grandaddy’s favorite song.

Christmas tunes are a great idea, as well!

Thanks, y’all!

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Been in that awkward situation before. My go to songs at jams were Wildwood Flower, exclusively from Ben, Tom Dulley, and Cripple Creek from various sources.

Of course we all have our different little adapters (I think) on how we hear and pick up tunes we really like, but during the holidays I really enjoyed Bens “Joy To The World” Instruction was so simple, so cool, tune so beautiful. I’m sure your friend would be pleased. Even if you do miss a note or two.

Good luck, and thank him for his service!

Butch B.Wildwood Flower


I would choose Man of Constant Sorrow. Everyone loves that one as well!