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Foggy Mountain breakdown music

Hello,This is a question for Banjo Ben. before I ever became a member I downloaded your sheet music of Foggy Mountain breakdown and printed it. Fast forward to 2020 and my printer died I wanted to start you foggy mountain lick study could not print it then remembered my copy of the full song. went to get the lesion for the full song but could not find it . Is this one of the songs you told us about when you first started up and didn’t know the full legal requirements?

Yes, it’s under copyright. If you’re a gold pick member, send Ben an email. He will likely send you another copy. Just let him know you’re a member.


thanks I have the copy I was checking on the lesion and guessed that was the reason I could not find it. thanks again for the up date.


Hey @Sailor some of FMB here in part 3 if interested.

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