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First Video

Just sent a video to Ben so he could review my strumming with a pick. First time I ever saw and saw me play. GOOD GRIEF! ITS WORSE THAN I THOUGHT!

I might need to try a mouth harp…hahahah

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Meant to say — first time I saw and heard me play!

Welcome to the club!

I made a video showing a lick to someone earlier today…so there I am squinting through the bottom of my glasses with my mouth hanging open looking “really intelligent” for waaay to long of a time while trying to read a tab and explain the riff…haha…I just had to laugh…you can get used to it…

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Good to know someone else had a similar experience. Looking forward to doing a video that sounds good.

haha, it’s sooo not the first experience for me, but I’ve learned to live with it and move on…

The more you do it the better you’ll get at it…hang in there… :wink:

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A lot of people never even take that first step. Make sure you hold on to that video so you can watch it years from and and see how far you’ve progressed. It’s always cool when you’re feeling like you haven’t gotten anywhere to look back and see just how far you’ve come.


Good job!!!

OK. Guilty as charged, so I’m putting it out there. This is in Dec '17, five months into playing banjo. Take 750,000. At least it seemed that way. :astonished:

All non posters, please join me. You’ll feel much better when you finally do.

Deck the Halls


Very decent!

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Jack, that was excellent buddy! Nice job!

Appreciate that, Dave.

Oy, I had been hoping it was @MissMaggie. Congratulations on getting one, it gets easier


Hey Jack! I don’t know why you wouldn’t have posted that. That was a fine job! You were on tempo and your banjo was in tune, which isn’t the case for a lot of first time posters.

Well done! Hope to see more from you soon.


I noticed that too… I was thinking, that could NOT have been 5 months in…

Nice job jack!

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TY John.

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Ya know, that is only a 215 dollar banjo. I had the tuners replaced with some Gotos almost immediately after I bought it and had a top notch luthier, John Boulding, install them and set it up. He also installed one of his own bridges for free, and it has always played and held tune pretty well for its price.

I really wanted to post for a long time, but I wanted everything absolutely perfect. I finally realized that probably ain’t gonna happen.


Yes, almost 5 months to the day. I’ve played guitar for decades which gave me an advantage.

Every now and then, you see somebody that’s killin it at two months.

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I could play rocky top at about two months, but a previous year of guitar helped

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Yep, keep up the great work. What are your future plans musically?

I hope to pick up the dobro, and the bagpipes, as money permits. I also want to keep improving on my other instruments and eventually join a band and hopefully be able to pay my bills as a musician.

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