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First time playing music with one of my kids

Been waiting for years to play music with my kids. It finally happened tonight. :slight_smile:


That is great. :+1: Looks like that little white fluffy guy wanted in on the gig too.:poodle:

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Hey Mark, love this. I can tell you that the banjo and the cello go really well together.

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Very Cool

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How fun!!!
Love the room full of music toys!!!
Enjoy the years to come!!!


Isn’t it great? My 15-year-old plays rock/blues guitar… and he has played for 7-8 years now.

Well, similar to me at that age… he is just “too cool” to like Bluegrass (he doesn’t know what he’s missing yet)…

BUT… on occasion, I do play with him and it is fantastic.

Now THAT is quality family time! CONGRATS


Man, that’s so cool! I’d be perfectly OK playing rock or blues with my kids. I’ll let them pick the music as long as we get to play together. :slight_smile: