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Fire on the Mountain on Harmonica!

So, this is at either 100 or 120 bpm, I don’t remember. I kind of crashed and burn on the second time through, but I recovered and cleaned the third. I hyperventilated for an hour after this… anyway it’s fun


whew! I’m out of breath just watching this!

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No wonder you’re feelin’ dizzy…I feel like I’m still spinning now…
Looks like fun!

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Thanks y’all

Nice playing. Now go take a puff of that oxygen cannister! I feel exhausted myself. :+1:

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Which reminds me of that old joke about a mouse who goes into a music shop and asks for a mouth organ and the owner says ‘Weren’t you in here yesterday?’ and the mouse says 'No, that must have been our Monica (harmonica) :rofl:
I’ll get ma coat… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Thanks! I don’t need the oxygen canister, it has the same effect as hyperventilation. If you ever climb a mountain into thin air, just play some harmonica and you’ll be fine :joy: