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Finger pick thickness

I’m going to ask, even though I think answer is it is a personal preference. I am currently using .015 finger picks. I’m thinking of trying .020 or .025. What is the better thickness to use? Thanks.

It’s definitely personal preference, but I’ve used .020 my whole life. Anything else feels too thick or too thin.

I use ProPik 2 - ANG angled Stainless Steel picks. they are a heavy gauge metal much thicker than the Dunlop Nickel Plated Steel Picks I used to use years ago. I would say the heavy gauge creates a louder sound.

The Dunlop picks caused me a lot of pain and inflammation round the finger nail. I discovered there were tiny sharp fragments of metal around the hole punching’s that continually scratched my skin and I think the nickel plating caused the inflammation.

I tried several makes before finally settling on the ProPik Stainless Steel Picks. I think they are great and they don’t wear down like the Dunlop’s.

As you say it comes down to personal preference. The only way to figure out what’s best for you is try lot’s of different makes and see what feels and sounds good. Me I am still using the same pick I bought eight years ago and they feel like an old pair of slippers.

I’m using these exclusively, and they’re .0175"

I use the Showcase 1941. They are .025


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