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Finger Bend

Does anyone else’s finger bend like this?


I can’t figure out if it’s genetics or football. I’m guessing football, because neither of my parents’ bend this way, but I have the bend on both hands (far more prominent on fretting hand).

I just wonder because sometimes that bend makes it hard to fret certain chords. It especially makes it difficult to do some maneuvers, such as a 2-4 slide on the G-string while simultaneously getting the 2nd fret on the high D-string with my index (see Ben’s ending to I Am a Pilgrim - right at 9:23).

Oh well. Adapt and overcome, right?

I just looked at my hand and I think we’re related :wink:

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Welp, there goes my excuse…



I had noticed that. I guess it helps with fingering chord shapes. Now I read somewhere that someone idolized Earl Scruggs so much he tried forcing a gap between his front teeth with a tooth pick presumably because he thought it would make him a better banjo player. So the question has to be asked. Have you guy’s been lifting storm drain covers with your middle finger. If not what else have you been getting up to?

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