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Finally Came Home

Like I’ve said, I turned 67 this year, worked the chitlin circuit for over 25 years doing classic country, western swing and real blues, no srv or rock blues. Just a couch player now. Bought my son a mini Taylor last Christmas and started playing around on it bout 6 months back, needless to say it started speaking to me, it was like meeting back up with a long lost friend. I didn’t want to go out and spend 3-4 K on an acoustic but I was wanting one bad, no, I needed one bad. So I bought an Eastman E10OM about a month ago. well I’m no acoustic guitar aficionado but I have an Eastman archtop so I was thinking for the money I’d be well satisfied with an Eastman and I truly am.

I can’t begin to say what a great feeling I have playing this acoustic. I’m hearing, seeing, thinking and feeling things that this acoustic found hiding inside and yes it’s good to be back home again with my long lost friend.


Glad you found your mojo Charlie, look forward to seeing you play it in the Video Swap area when you feel ready

Welcome home!