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Fiddle music at Cabin Camp?

Yes, of course!
Decided to bring all the old instruments to camp, tenor banjo & fiddles.

Gunnar & myself were the fiddle tune & Irish music contingent… 2 outta 3 days we used our break time & about 3/4 of our lunch time to pick together, him on tenor Friday , then fiddle Saturday & me on Mando both days. Sadly I dont have video of that cuz I was busy picking tryin to keep up with him :rofl:!! (If anyone has video, plz post it!)

Anyway, this was the fiddle that had strings & a bow, (the other didnt have either). I’ve never seen it played in my entire lifetime, and it was at my folks house longer than that! The M&W shaped case it was in is dated 1902. No other identifiable markings. He had a time of it getting it to tune but once he did it was playable! The bow was really warped though. I’ve never picked with a fiddler before, picking these tunes with @Dragonslayer was alot of fun, this is just one of the several songs we did. Thanks Gunnar!!


I had a blast!!