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Feeling good

Tonight was one of those nights that I started to sound good well ok. other nights I couldn’t pick the banjo up right. Its taken me 7 months and only up to you are my sunshine. I will not give up I have to work my a@@ off for every note buy its starting to sink in. I hope I am not the only one that’s very slow


Awesome that you had a good night. It really is about the journey. Glad you had a night to enjoy it.

i find that if you stress about playing it every night then it becomes a chore in a sense so its best to enjoy it at a pace that fits with your lifestyle that way every time you pick up the banjo you are wanting to play and learn not just because you feel you have to…

doing that way you’ll progress in the right way for you and it wont become a hat stand in the corner…

Keep Picking.

It’ll be the first of many, Bryon. This is exactly why Ben encourages us to video ourselves playing. A year can go by and it can feel like we haven’t improved, but really we’ve made tons of progress. Those videos act as a reminder of how far we’ve come.

Glad you had this experience. For me, there’s no better motivator to keep at it. I’m really happy for you!

Hi Byron… Really great to hear your on a roll. I am in the doldrums right now. I can’t seem to do anything right. It’s encouraging to know that others are making progress as I am standing still. I know from experience in time this dip in progress will pass and my playing will have improved on what went before. It’s all part of the journey. Thanks for sharing your success it has lifted my spirits today just when I needed it most.

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@bkm4837, Im pretty sure we all go through that phase of “fingers and brain” not working in unison. Then there are times, like you had, where everything sounds and feels right. And as for the slow part, just remember even Earl didnt start out playing fast. Just dont get discouraged if things are working the way you wanted them too, it will pass and you vastly improve.
“Keep on Pickin”…

Thank you everyone

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