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Feeling a bit down

Been suffering some health issues recently and not sure if it’s connected but my banjo playing has slid downhill and it’s really bugging me. I feel I’ve dropped back a whole year. It’s difficult to explain but my right hand seems to have lost the correct tension I used to have. You know that sweet spot where your right hand feels just comfortable and your fingers can move faster.
I know a recent hospital visit the nurses tried to take blood 3 times and in the end shoved the needle right into a nerve that was pretty damn painful and caused a burning right up to my shoulder and down to my fingertips. So I guess that probably hasn’t helped my right hand.
I felt I was really achieving my goal to improve on the banjo and now I’ve been knocked back so it’s been a bit depressing music wise.
So to try and see if I can improve my right hand again I’ve slowed to snails pace and just going through tunes I know and repetitive rolls to see if I can strengthen my hand and fingers.


I’m so sorry @Jono! You"ll be in our prayers! Thanks for sharing.


Sorry to hear that, Hope the condition is temporary and improves soon.

I guess you would want to consult the same doctor/hospital. If it is not due to the visit, your neck or hip/lower back could be playing a part too… Proper neck positioning, gentle neck massage with your hand could help too in that case.


Man, who knows? Praying you’ll feel better soon. May our little community lift you up and encourage you.


Thanks all, that’s a good point about posture. I will try and work on that and see if it helps. :+1:


Hey @Jono, hang in there! Truthfully I feel the same way. I’m having to work on my banjo playing more than I ever have and it’s frustrating, but part of the process. We can do it!


Thanks Ben. I’ve just been trying to enjoy playing and not put so much pressure on myself until my health improves. I won’t give up. :wink::+1: